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  • Deep groove ball bearings
    The deep groove ball bearings is of the most typical structure in rolling bearing and for extensive purposes.Basic deep groove ball bearing by an outer ring ,an inner ring ,a group of steel ball and a set of cage composition.Deep groove ball bearing structure simple, with other type is easy to achieve higher than the manufacturing accuracy,therefore easy to into a series of mass production, manufacturing cost is low, the use of very common. Deep groove ball bear
    Deep groove ball bearings
  • Self-aligning ball bearing
    Self-aligning ball bearings have two rows of steel balls,there are two raceway in inner and outer raceway is spherical in shape,with automatic self-aligning performance.It can automatically compensate the concentricity error that the deflection of shaft and the deformation  of shell causes,and it is applied to the section which the seat hole can  not strictly guarantee the concentricity.This kind of bearing mainly carries radial load,but also with a smal
    Self-aligning ball bearing
  • Angular contact Ball bearings
    The angular contact ball bearing falls in a wide range of structures,e.g..the single-row one can carry both the radial load and the unidirectinal axial load:the doudle-row one can carry both the radial load and the bi-directional axial  load.They are applicable to high-speed and high-precision rotation. Super Finished Raceways - Specially honed to minimise noise and improve lubricant distribution and life. Advanced Grease Technology - lubricants that ca
    Angular contact Ball bearings
  • Cylindrical roller bearings
     Full Complement Cylindrical roller bearingsFull Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings are designed to carry heavy load.Comparing with traditional bearings with cage,Full Complement Cylindrical bearings have much higher loading capacity.The radial cross section of the type of bearings is very small.So it can be very space-saving.However the limiting speed of the bearings is relatively lower.All the multi-row cylindrical roller bearings are with a
    Cylindrical roller bearings
  • Tapered roller bearings
    The tapered roller bearing is mainly used to carry the radially and axially combined load,mostly the radial load.The inner components and the out ring of the bearing are detachable,facilitating assembly and disassembly.The axial loading capacity of bearing depands on the contact angle,the larger which is,the larger the axial loading capacity will be.Tapered roller bearing is the largest amount of single row circular cone roller bearings. In the car wheel hub
    Tapered roller bearings
  • Spherical roller bearings
    The Spherical roller Bearing boasts the aligning performance,can align automatically in the case of shaft and housing deflection,without the burden imposed on the bearing.It can carry both the radial load and the Bi-ractional axial load,with the large radially loading capacity and applicable to the occasion of the heavy load and impact load.Spherical roller bearing feature:1. Have high radial load capacity, especially suitable for heavy duty or vibration load work
    Spherical roller bearings
  • Thrust Ball bearings
    Our thrust ball bearing can carry the unidirectional axial oad and not capable of carrying the radial load.The thrust ball bering must be pre-fastened axially in the work.Thrust Ball Bearing feature:1. With unidirectional and bidirectional two types2. Use option in the ring, can permit of installation error.3. High grade ball - high speed rotates the quiet and smooth4. High Quality Steel - Ultra clean steel to extend bearing life by up to 80%. 5. T
    Thrust Ball bearings
  • Thrust Cylindrical Roller bearing
    Thrust cylindrical roller bearing is often a combination of high stiffness bearing configuration, can have no difficulty under heavy load and vibration load.This kind of bearing may inherit single direction big axial load, but unable to bear radial load, they have no automatic self-aligning ability.Thrust cylindrical roller bearing can be broken up into thrust cylindrical roller and cage components, shaft ring and race.The 811 series and 812 series thrust cylindri
    Thrust Cylindrical Roller bearing
  • Thrust Roller bearings
    Thrust roller bearing  used to carry axial load primarily axial and radial joint load, but radial load shall not exceed 55% of the axial load. Compared with other thrust roller bearing, the bearing friction factor is low, high speed, and has the self-aligning properties.29000 types of bearing's stick for asymmetric type spherical roller, can reduce roller and race in the work relative sliding, and roller length, diameter, roller number, load capacity
    Thrust Roller bearings
  • Rolling Mill bearings
    Rolling mill bearings are my company's leading products,widely used in steel rolling, metallurgy,petrpleum,heavy machinery and other industries.Usually adopt cylindrical roller bearing bear radial load, deep groove ball bearing or angular contact ball bearing, or radial design or thrust design of tapered roller bearing axial load.Now most of the oil-gas lubrication or oil mist lubrication way lubrication cooling bearing.Rolling mill bearing classification:Four row
    Rolling Mill bearings
  • Cross Roller bearings
    Cross roller bearings between wheel and ocean shipping, interval cross each other to the square arrangement way they can also inherit from each direction load (such as axial thrust or momentum load, etc.) for roller and track surface into linear contact, robot special cross roller bearing.Cross roller bearing characteristics of use:1. Have excellent rotation accuracy 2. Operation installation simplified 3. Bear the larger axial and radial load 4. Greatly
    Cross Roller bearings
  • Slewing bearings
    Slewing bearing, is a a rotational rolling-element bearing that typically supports a heavy but slow-turning or slow-oscillating load, often a horizontal platform such as a conventional crane, a swing yarder, or the wind-facing platform of a horizontal-axis windmill. Compared to other rolling-element bearings, slewing bearings are thin in section and are often made in diameters of a metre or more; the slewing bearings on the&nbs
    Slewing bearings
  • Axle Bearings for Railway Rolling
    FAG Axle Bearings For Railway Rolling is used in the tube,City Rail Vehicle Car-boby or Traction motor.If you are interesting Axle Bearings For Railway Rolling,please contact sound Bearings Limited.Our website:Http://www.skfbearings.cnMy Email: echo@soundbearing.com
    Axle Bearings for Railway Rolling
  • Pillow block bearings
    Pillow block bearing are the unit bearings which the rolling bearing with wide inner ring insert in housing.Outer rings of spherical surface can automatically self-aligning with the bearing block of concave spherical.They have compact structure,loading and unloading in convenience.The structure of this bearing has various forms.And they have good versatility and interchangeability.Bearing block  is generally made by casting molding. Commonly used building
    Pillow block bearings
  • Bearings for Oil Production & Drilling
    We specialize in Bearings for Oil Production & Drilling field for several years, with the strength of chopped strand mat and stitch chopped strand mat, with good quality and pretty competitive price.We provide rotary table thrust bearings, cylindrical radial roller pump bearings, swivel and crane hook bearings and custom machined bearings.This kind of bearings are the high precision bearings for oil production and drilling.If you are interesting in Bearings fo
    Bearings for Oil Production & Drilling
  • Rotary table bearings
    Rotary table bearing is a kind of bearing fixed by a bidirectional thrust bearing and a centripetal-guided bearing. They can support radial loads, axial loads from both directions and tilting moments free from clearance and are particularly suitable for bearing arrangements with high requirements for running accuracy, like rotary tables, millings heads and reversible clamps. Due to the fixing holes in the bearing rings, the units are very easy to fit. The bearin
    Rotary table bearings
  • Joint bearings
    Joint bearing is a kind of special structure of the sliding bearing.Joint bearing is mainly composed by an inner of  spherical and the outer within a sphere,it can carry a large load.According to the differeft types and structures.They can carry the radial load and axial load or the radially and axially combined load.it is generally applicable to low-speed swing movement,but also to tilt movement within a certain angle.Joint Bearing feature:Joint&nbs
    Joint bearings
  • Other special bearings
    About bearing products, we can product as custom's designed ( various structure types of special bearings), we have a strong data repository about bearing, from the basic size parameters to bearing precision scale ,that is a completion set of drawings, because we are good at producting non-standard special bearings ,development and the supply, we have the perfect production equipments  and professional engineers.if you needs special non-standard prod
    Other special bearings
  • Needle Roller bearings
    Needle roller bearing capacity is big, suitable for mounting the limited size of supporting structure,Journal on the surface hardened as rolling surface, bearing with pressure fit into a hole, do not need to be to axial positioning.Needle Roller Bearing Type and Used for general engineering bearing, such as: open drawn cup needle roller bearings ;enclosed drawn cup needle roller bearings ;with inner ring needle roller bearings ;and has no inner ring needl
    Needle Roller bearings
  • Wheel bearings
    FAG Automotive is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality custom bearings for all your automotive needs, including wheel hub, chassis, engine and powertrain applications.All FAG wheel bearings are maintenance free and have been designed for the entire life of the vehicle. FAG can choose from a wide range of options to find the right technical solution for your specific application. Innovative products conquer the market.
    Wheel bearings
  • Concrete Mixer Truck Bearing
    Concrete Mixer Truck BearingConcrete Mixer Truck Bearing(Mixer reducer assembly model: 575L, 577L, 580L) Germany ZF reducer,Italia PMP reducer,Italia bonfiglioli reducer,Japan Isuzu reducer,Volvo Concrete Mixer truck,Japan Daikin reducer,Mitsubishi Mixer truck,china Sany Mixer truck,Shaanqi Mixer Concrete truck. Etc. Private bearings(800730,801806,809280,809281,804182,801216A,801215A,804312A,534176,579905A,579905AA,40626AA,BS2B 248180,GB40779S01,11449,722361018,
    Concrete Mixer Truck Bearing
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