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 Screw-down Bearing
Screw-down bearings are usually used in the screw-down of rolling mills.This type of bearings has no cage,are full of tapered rollers,can carry high axial loads, and have low limiting speed.In order to improve the performance, the underside of the shaft washer is concave spherical surface(type TTSV00) or convex spherical surface(Type TTSX00),they cooperate with the spherical side face of housing screws which have the same radius of curvature and are through precise finish,and both of them are uniform contact, so ensuring uniform stress of bearings when housing screws have obliquity relative to axises of bearings.The bores of housing washers are screwed. The inner bores of shaft washers are also screwed for large- size bearings.These screw threads are used to install the lifting eye bolts.The lube with extreme pressure additive should be chosen to form the lubricant film under heavy loads.On the spherical surface of shaft washer,dry film lubricant should be coated to being well lubricated and aligned easily.
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