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Slewing bearings BEARINGS

Slewing bearing, is a a rotational rolling-element bearing that typically supports a heavy but slow-turning or slow-oscillating load, often a horizontal platform such as a conventional crane, a swing yarder, or the wind-facing platform of a horizontal-axis windmill.

Compared to other rolling-element bearings, slewing bearings are thin in section and are often made in diameters of a metre or more; the slewing bearings on the 
Falkirk Wheel are 4 metres diameter and fit over a 3.5 metre axle. Slewing bearings resemble oversize aircraft control surface bearings.

Slewing bearings often use two rows of rolling elements. They often use three 
race elements, such as an inner ring and two outer ring "halves" that clamp together axially.
Slewing bearings are often made with gear teeth integral with the inner or outer race, used to drive the platform relative to the base.

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