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Needle Roller bearings BEARINGS

Needle roller bearing capacity is big, suitable for mounting the limited size of supporting structure,Journal on the surface hardened as rolling surface, bearing with pressure fit into a hole, do not need to be to axial positioning.

Needle Roller Bearing Type and Used for general engineering bearing, such as:

open drawn cup needle roller bearings ;
enclosed drawn cup needle roller bearings ;
with inner ring needle roller bearings ;
and has no inner ring needle roller bearing/no inner ring no cage needle roller bearings; 
a cage and no cage full of needle roller bearings 

FAG can also supply various types of needle roller bearing, 1, needle roller cage component; 2, and no guard needle roller bearing ;3, self-aligning; 4, combination needle/ball bearing; 5, combination needle/thrust ball bearing; 6, the combination of the needle/cylindrical roller thrust bearing

Needle Roller Bearing feature and application:

NeedleRoller bearing with fine and long roller (roller diameter D quartile 5 mm, L/D was 2.5, L for roller length), therefore radial compact structure, its inner diameter size and loading capacity and other types of bearing phase at the same time, the minimum diameter, especially suitable for radial installation size restricted bearing results. According to use different occasions, can choose no inner ring of bearing or needle roller and cage components, at this time and bearing suitable journal surface and shell hole surface directly as bearing internal and external rolling surface, to ensure that load capacity and operating performance and have ring bearing the same, shaft or shell hole raceway surface hardness, machining precision and surface quality should be and bearing ring raceway of similar. This kind of bearing can only bear radial load.

Needle Roller Bearing matters need attention:

Bearing before installation should be into the right amount of grease, normally the circumstance falls, the assembly to no longer lubrication BK type bearing used in journal no stretch out of the bearing, face closed up seal effect, and can withstand the small axial travelling.

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