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Off-the-shelf railway bearings NU315Q/P5390

Railway bearings are a kind of bearings used on railways. Wheel axle bearings. Railway locomotive and rolling stock wheel axle systems adopt different structural designs due to different application conditions. Locomotives and passenger cars have axle boxes, and the bearings are connected to the bogie through the axle box. The box and the bearing are connected to the side frame of the bogie through the saddle. The bearing bears the impact load generated between the wheel set and the bogie frame, and also bears the axial load generated by the turning of the vehicle. The wheel bearing structure contains cylindrical roller bearings. , Cylindrical roller bearing units, tapered roller bearings, tapered roller bearing units. According to the application requirements of railway bearings, wheel and axle bearings should have a long maintenance-free period, a structure design that is convenient for maintenance and high reliability.

Off-the-shelf railway bearings NU315Q/P5390


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